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"We struggle to create healthy environments as our indoor lifestyles continue to evolve."

Knowledge is health

Jacques Environmental Services, LLC was founded in 2005 to provide clear and concise information to clients on the biological and ecological status of their home and office environments.

Company founder Paige R. Jacques is specifically trained to assess homes, offices and buildings for environmental health hazards. He gained expertise in real estate issues during more than 25 years as a commercial and residential real estate professional. His real estate experience ranges from lender to investor to developer - and all roles in between. Paige has attained the following university accreditations: Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a Bachelor of Business Administration, with concentrations in Management and Marketing.

Paige is a firm believer in empowering people with knowledge of the factors affecting their health and the environment in order to allow them to make informative decisions for themselves and their families. He is certified as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology™ and is a member of the Boulder Green Building Guild and the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology™.

About Building Biology

Building Biology (Bau-Biologie) and Ecology was founded in Germany in the mid 1970's to answer the vast need for informed choices about worsening post-war indoor environmental health concerns. Today, Building Biology is an important aspect of European design and architecture and is becoming popular in the United States, as we struggle to create healthy environments as our indoor lifestyles continue to evolve.

A certified Building Biologist has studied the relationship between the built environment and health, and applies this knowledge to create health-supporting living and working spaces. In Building Biology, we strive for natural living solutions that will create a natural environment.

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